I discovered the checkpoint was closed and the IOF firing shots into the air.

As I came back from Nablus through the checkpoint at Ramallah last Friday, I discovered the checkpoint was closed and the IOF firing shots into the air.

I confronted one of the soldiers, I believe he was in charge, with the closure of the checkpoint stating that it was Ramadan and that people were wanting to go to pray at the Mosque in Jerusalem.  He laughed at me and demanded that I go back to live with the 'Arab' people that I obviously loved he said.
He refused to let me through, and to be honest I would not have went if the Palestinians were not allowed to go either.
I tried again to see if he would open the checkpoint and he screamed at me 'NO, NO - I WILL ARREST YOU and he demanded my passport.  At this point I realised he really wanted my passport to check my details.  Well I am in enough bother with the IOF without handing over my details.  I replied to him that I was going to phone the British Consulate, no wonder he laughed.  When I phoned them to say the soldier was demanding my passport and I did not want to give it to him they told me 'TRY NOT TO GET ARRESTED' I honestly, this time at least never done a thing.    The British Consulate is useless here, they do not achieve anything but invite Internationals out once a month for tea and biscuits.  Paid of course by the British Government. 
OF COURSE I HAVE NEVER TAKEN THEM UP ON THIS but if you want to come on a tourist holiday you only have to phone them to be taken out and dined.
The point of this e mail is that what is happening here is intimidation.  This month is the holy month of Ramadan and the IOF deliberately are not letting muslims through to pray.
It makes you so sad when you see the sadness in the Palestinians eyes that the power the Israeli's have here and how they use it.
One thing the Israeli's will never do though, is they can close one checkpoint down but the Palestinians will find another way.  This time of course I went with them and entered Jerusalem a few hours later than anticipated.  Leaving behind one of the most disgusting human beings I have encountered, that soldier at Kalandia Checkpoint.