Well today I went off to say my farewells to my dear friends in Azah and Aida Camp.

To say there were tears is not an exageration. 
Hiba, our dear nurse we funded was in tears when she explained to me how she now can afford to pay for her father to have a much needed operation.
Hiba, is the Campaign's first student to graduate.  She is a qualified nurse now and works in Beit Jala.
She has been working for 2 months now and with her first wage she purchased a large fridge freezer for her parents.  A month ago she proudly showed the Campaign members the fridge with a gigantic smile on her face.
Today she told me that her father desparately needed an operation on his eyes, apparently he is bleeding behind his retina and they could not afford to pay for it.  She never mentioned it to the Campaign because she felt we had done enough.  Of course we would have paid for it but we did not know.
Well she told me proudly now that she is working her father had one of the operations yesterday.  She told me how her mother and father were so very proud of her as she took her father to the hospital she worked in and all the doctors there stopped to talk to them.
She said her parents were beaming at the fact that she was respected so very much.
I said I would talk to the Campaign members and we could likely afford to fund the other operations.  She immediately refused and said to fund other poor families.  With another smile she told me 'DESPITE THE OCCUPATION AND ALL IT DOES, I HAVE GRADUATED MARGARET'.  
Of course we all agree she is one special person.  Only another 7 to go.  Inshalla