Well yesterday we had a day of total relaxation, or so we thought.

After our last week of facing the Settlers and Israeli Occupation Forces and having slept very little, we actually had a day when we thought we would just chill out and relax.
We have a new person in the ISM flat, a young man from Germany.  You should have seen his face when he walked in and found 4 middle aged woman sitting there, it was a picture.
We all get on really well and he soon was laughing along with us.
We sat on the roof top sharing stories, experiences, swapping stories about our time here and telling him about our experience at the checkpoint trying to get Palestinians released.
I am sure one of our group is now the pin up girl of Hawarra Checkpoint, i.e. she is blonde and petite from Iceland.  The soldiers always smiled and tried to chat her up. 
Again our main aim is to get the Palestinians released, this situation is one where we do not necessarily confront and ask about the occupation but a time to merely ask when they are releasing them and tell the soldiers we shall stay until they do.  In other words we try and embarass them the best we can.  It also works if there is a young pretty girl there and the soldiers want to show off the power they have to control and let go the Palestinians.  They do not want to look bad, so usually let them go.
We had to stand last night and listen to such rubbish as, ;ARE YOU STAYING IN NABLUS?    YOU DO REALISE THAT IT IS THE CAPITAL OF THE WORK FOR TERRORISIM.
We all stood in silence and just stared at him, all the time telling him we found the people amazing and friendly but again we were only tourists.  One of these times we were joking we will be confronted with them at a demonstration and they will realise we are not tourists.
We we did have a nice relaxing day, and met a young Palestinian friend and we went for coffee at night time.  As we walked back towards the Old City we were told 'THERE ARE JESH (soldiers) in the City'.
We immediately rushed to the Old City and patrolled the streets, if only to bare witness to the soldiers brutality.  Quite often the presence of Internationals can stop the Army coming into the City.
Again it is quite scarey, the streets are dark and as you peer around every corner you are just waiting on a gun pointed towards you.
The funny thing is that we witnessed the P.A. Police all pulling out of the City, yes they had received a phone call from the IOF that they were coming in and the P.A. Police pull out.
Well we stayed in the Old City for approx 2 hours and the IOF never came in as far as we know.  We headed home at 2 a.m. in the morning.  We never heard any shots or explosions through the night, but to be honest it could be because we have not slept well for the past week due to what is happening here.
The people in ISM are the most amazing wonderful people and I feel honoured to have the privilege to work with them.  They also are some of the bravest people I have met.
They fill me with hope for the future, along with the Israeli Anarchists.
Well later today we have the Nillin Demo.  So must dash.